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Rogue One: New Star Wars toys unveiled in adorable superfan-made video

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Though the line-up reveal of the new Rogue One toys will already get a sector of fans pretty delirious with excitement, Disney decided to have a little fun with the announcement.

A team of Star Wars superfans joined forces to write, direct, and produce a series of stop-motion shorts for the Star Wars YouTube channel; all starring key toys from the new line of Rogue One merchandise. 

“These fan-created shorts are a tribute to the incredible content that the Star Wars community posts online every day,” said Jimmy Pitaro, Chairman of Disney Consumer Products and Interactive Media. Indeed, over 838,000 pieces of Star Wars-related content was posted to YouTube in the past year alone, which is more than 2,296 per day and nearly 96 per hour.

It’s certainly a smart move on Disney’s part, then, to keep fans an integral part of the lead up to Rogue One‘s release; especially considering it’s one of the biggest risks the franchise has ever taken, attempting a spin-off story with an entirely fresh, gritty war film-esque tone. 

The very first Go Rogue short has already launched on YouTube, in collaboration with creative network Tongal, with new installments rolling out through September. 

Rogue One – Star Wars Official International Trailer

Select items will be available to pre-order from 2 September at retailers including Argos, Amazon, Smyths Toys Superstores, Disney Store and The full range of new Rogue One and Star Wars products will be available globally on 30 September.

Rogue One will hit UK cinemas 16 December 2016.

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